Our 2 daughters have attended Campterra for the last 8 years. They haven’t missed a summer, and beg to stay longer!

James Collins

Tucson, TX

My kids never felt more welcome at a place they had just showed up at. You know you’re with friends immediately.

Lauren Smith

Columbus, OH

It is several days later and our son is still talking about Campterra. He had so much fun, has learnt a great deal, met loads of new people and made many new friends. As a matter of fact, as we were leaving the camp last Saturday, he did not really want to come home with us.

Brandon Novak

Naples, FL

This camp is extraordinary, staffed by a team of compassionate, wise and generous people.

Barbara Jameson

Chicago, IL

When the name Campterra is brought up it makes me do two things. One makes me feel so amazing inside because it is the best camp in the world. The second thing I do is I think about how it is not just a camp but how it is a life changing experience.

Sam Rivers

Tallahassee, FL

We love Campterra for the friendships, confidence, and joy that come from being a part of a close, happy, unabashedly zaney community!

Samanta Willson

Atlanta, GA

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